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  • Initial Payment:  To secure and hold your wedding time and date, a minimum nonrefundable deposit (credited toward the total amount due) must be paid as follows:  Officiant only: $75; Wedding 1- Intimate Affair: $100;  Wedding 2 - Sweet Memories: $200; Wedding 3 - Eternal Unity: $200; Wedding 4 - Royal Wedding: $300 deposit; Biker Wedding 1 - Sweet & Simple: $100; Biker Wedding 2 - Hog Wild: $200; Biker Wedding 3 - Whole Hog: $300.  The minimum deposit is also shown at the bottom of the web page for each wedding.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, virtual checks, cashier's checks, traveler's checks, personal checks, money orders and cash.  Payments made by credit or debit card, money order or personal check must be received at least 10 days prior to your wedding date. If you want to be married in less than 2 weeks, please call 386-756-1244 for availability and payment arrangements.
  • Payment of Balance:  To pay your remaining balance by credit or debit card or check, it must be processed no later than 10 days prior to your wedding date.  Any remaining balance not paid at least 10 days before the wedding must be paid IN CASH ONLY BEFORE THE WEDDING BEGINS.
  • Cancellation: If you decide to cancel your wedding after the deposit has been received and the date and time guaranteed, the minimum deposit is nonrefundable because we have guaranteed your time and date and therefore it has been unavailable to others.  If you have paid the entire balance in advance, all but the minimum deposit will be refunded if you give a minimum of ten (10) days' cancellation notice before the scheduled wedding date.
    • One-time Reschedule Option: If at least ten (10) days' notice is given, you may, at your option, reschedule your wedding once within a year from the original wedding date with no charge or penalty, and any amounts already paid will be fully applied. 
  • Wedding  Services: What is included in each wedding is clearly listed on that wedding's web page or in wedding planning book. If it isn't listed there, then it is NOT included.  Our wedding services are heavily discounted for your benefit, so there can be no credits or substitutions if you decide not to use all the options that come with the wedding you choose.
  • Our Photography Services:  Our wedding photography has an excellent reputation, and examples are available in our office as well as on our two websites.  All wedding photography is done is done by experienced staff photographers with professional state-of-the-art digital cameras and equipment. You may request that certain poses and photos be included in your photo shoot.  Our Deluxe Photo Package includes a slideshow DVD of the entire photo shoot with 75 or more photos on it from which to choose (unless you wish to terminate the photo shoot with less), plus your choice of either A) 28 prints: three 8x10, eight 5x7, eight 3.5x5 and 9 wallet prints, or B) 20 prints: all 5x7 prints.  Our Photo Mini-Package includes A) 12 prints: four 5x7 and eight 3.5x5 prints, or B) eight prints - all 5x7, plus a slideshow DVD of the photo shoot with at least 25 photos on it from which to choose.  Both packages include photographing the wedding ceremony and formal photo shoot immediately afterward at the wedding site.  (There is an additional charge for shooting at other location(s) in addition to wedding site and/or for photographing reception, so please ask if you want these photos as well, and we will give you a special package price including these extras.)  If you will be in the Daytona area for a week or longer after the photo shoot, we will try to have your DVD ready to pick up before you leave.  If not, we will mail it. Then you simply choose the photos you want and submit them via our online Photo Order Form. 
  • Inclement Weather:  If your wedding will be outdoors, it is your responsibility to have a backup plan in place in the rare instance of inclement weather. Inclement weather includes but is not limited to just a rain shower. If there is the threat of lightening, anticipated thunderstorms or other dangerous weather conditions, the wedding MUST be moved to a safe location for your protection as well as your guests. If you are planning a reception, you may be able to arrange to have the wedding at your reception venue as a backup plan. You will also have the option to reschedule your wedding once (like within the next day or so) if you prefer.
    • In the rare instance of a hurricane warning issued for our area in Volusia County, you may at your option either 1) reschedule your wedding date/time within a year of the original wedding date or 2) request a full refund.
  • Damage Liability:  The bride and groom assume full liability for any property damage done by themselves or their guests before, during or after the wedding, and agree to reimburse property owner for such damage. 
  • Unity Candles:  Extreme care must be taken when handling the Unity candles. The wedding couple assumes all liability for any mishaps related to their use of these candles.  Candles are not provided for beach weddings because of the constant breeze; however we offer two other unity ceremonies, the Rose Ceremony and the Hawaiian Sand Ceremony, which can be performed on the beach or anywhere.
  • Wedding Music:  Wedding music is available for all weddings - traditional,  romantic pop, country, classical, R&B, Christian, or any other selections you may choose. You are welcome to provide your own music in lieu of or in addition to the music we provide.  Any music you provide must be received by Affordable Weddings at least 2 days in advance of your wedding day in either cda, mp3 or wav format.  You may also have live musicians and singers  perform during your ceremony.  For beach weddings, music is optional, since many couples prefer the natural sound of the surf, and hearing music can sometimes be difficult over the ocean's roar, especially when it is windy.  The beach environment can also affect electronic equipment – wind, sand, fog and humidity can occasionally cause problems beyond our control.  We do our very best under challenging conditions.
  • Rehearsal:  There is NO additional charge for briefly rehearsing at the wedding site just before the wedding starts, or rehearsing at our office any available date & time. There is an additional $100 charge for time and travel for a separate rehearsal at the wedding site at any other time.  If you want a rehearsal, please contact our office and schedule it well in advance.
  • Late Start:  Your wedding has been given a specific time slot. Other wedding couples may be dependent upon your wedding starting at the specified time so that their wedding may be timely as well.  We have agreed to provide services to you at the specified time. Your guests also should rightly expect that the wedding will start on time.  Therefore, a late fee will necessarily be charged for any wedding that does not start within 30 minutes of the specified time. Thirty minutes late will be assessed a $25 fee; 45 minutes or later $50, and any wedding that has not begun within an hour after the scheduled time may be cancelled with no refund, at the officiant's discretion.

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